Bruce MacCallum: Sixties Pop Icons, Unseen

Spanning 1969-1974, Sixties Pop Icons, Unseen reflects the pursuit by a young photographer, of, among others, Jimi, Joan, Janis, Grace, Mick, Keith, Jim, CSN&Y, Joe, and Sly
“This exhibit is the story of a young man who took a work study job at his university and ran with it—” says curator Anna Van Lenten, “—ran to Atlanta Pop, to Atlantic City, to Woodstock, to Bob Dylan and The Band on tour—and in between, Miami, to catch Jim Morrison in 1970 on trial for obscenity charges. Then he put his negatives in a box for 35 years. Now, we get to unearth those negatives and hear what Bruce has to tell us about his encounters.”

Reception at the Half King
7:30 pm
505 west 23rd street