Willem Dafoe in conversation about Antichrist

The Modern School of Film presents a screening of Antichist followed with a talk with Willem Dafoe, focusing on film craft and form.

The Theater Lab
137 west 14th street
reserve a seat at modernfilmschool@gmail.com
“Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology” with Daniel Gross
The impact of the IWW has reverberated far beyond the ranks of organized labor. An important influence on the 1960s New Left, the Wobbly theory and practice of direct action, solidarity, and “class-war” humor have inspired several generations of civil rights and antiwar activists, and are a major source of ideas and inspiration for today’s radicals. Join preface author Daniel Gross in a celebration of a new edition of “Rebel Voices,” by far the biggest and best source on IWW history, fiction, songs, art, and lore.

172 allen street

They Can’t Stop the Push”: Lessons from the University of Puerto Rico’s 2010-2011 Student Strikes

Students at the University of Puerto Rico put together two of the most resourceful and inspiring student strikes in recent history. Against austerity policies and the privatization of public education, combining extensive grassroots organizing with creative tactics, students were able to outwit the administration while rallying popular support around the struggle for an accessible, democratic and quality university. Both of these strikes, with their specific scenarios and outcomes, provide an instructive repertoire of action for the current student uprising in NYC.

Join a conversation with student activists Marimer Berberena and Alicia M. Petru, as they share their experiences and the lessons learned throughout the high and low points of the student struggle in Puerto Rico.

The Graduate Center
6 to 8 pm
365 Fifth Avenue
(ID required to enter building)