discussion with photographer Frank Jump, who has long been documenting the fading ads adorning buildings etc., throughout nyc.

7 pm at the brooklyn historical society
128 pierrepont street at clinton street in brooklyn

virtual dating

In the not-too-distant past people found love through real-world social networks: family, friends, jobs, and social groups. But online dating has completely changed the way we find love and shifted matchmaking to a mathematical science. Now millions of singles turn over large amounts of personal data to computers, hoping an algorithm will find them the perfect mate. One leading online dating site is using that data to uncover the anthropology of human mating.

7 to 8:30 at the new york academy of sciences
7 World Trade Center
250 Greenwich Street, 40th floor

A conversation on Black Cool

Black Cool explores the ineffable state and aesthetic of Black Cool. From the effortless reserve of Miles Davis in khakis on an early album cover, to the shock of resistance in black women’s fashion from Angela Davis to Rihanna, to the cadence of poets as diverse as Staceyann Chin and Audre Lorde, Black Cool looks at the roots of Black Cool and attempts to name elements of the phenomena that have emerged to shape the global expectation of cool itself.  Rebecca Walker, editor of the anthology, will be joined by Margo Jefferson and Miles Marshall Lewis, contributors to the book.

7 pm at mcnally jackson books
52 prince street

We have them, and zombies want them. But as scary as the zombie apocalypse is, there’s nothing more terrifying than when our brains go wrong on their own, and nothing more extraordinary than what they do right. Join us for six personal stories of brains.

7:30 pm at Union Hall
5th Avenue at 702 Union Street
$8 advance ($10 at the door)