rudolph schmoodolph

photographs of Erika Larsen and a talk about real live reindeer and the scandinavian nomads who live amongst them

7:30 pm at the half king
505 west 23rd street at 10th avenue

you hear about that butterfly with a tattoo of a girl on its lower back?

the coolest nerds or the dorkiest hipsters?  join award-winning science journalist and new york academy of sciences regular Carl Zimmer for a talk on his latest book, Science Ink, which showcases over 300 tattoos dedicated to the pursuit of science.

7 to 8:30 pm at the new york academy of sciences
7 World Trade Center
250 Greenwich Street, 40th floor
The Faith of the Faithless
Two of today’s most prominent philosophers (Cornel West and Simon Critchley) discuss the resurgence of religious extremism in our times and the concept of faith in secular society.

7 pm at BAMcafe
30 lafayette avenue in brooklyn

Radical Resistance or Unwitting (Re)Enforcement of Stigma?

Join Nickerson Hill for a critical consideration of common language and points of argument used in debates regarding gender identity and the DSM– specifically in efforts to distance experiences/expressions of gender from other experiences currently described in the DSM. How might we still advocate for change without employing othering rhetoric that (re)enforces mental health stigma– stigma that is itself so bound within the sociopolitical enforcement of cultural norms?

7 pm at bluestockings
172 allen street
$5 suggested donation


you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Jesse Sheidlower, Editor at Large of the Oxford English Dictionary and author of The F-Word, knows his linguistic bombs. He’ll give us a look behind the scenes at the OED, explaining how, when, and why vulgarities get included, why most dictionaries think that it’s ungrammatical to [redacted] someone in the [redacted] with a [redacted], along with an overview of the f-bomb’s role in language from the sixteenth century to Jon Stewart. Fair warning: not for the easily offended

7 pm at word bookstore in brooklyn
126 franklin street