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Black Gotham: A Family History of African Americans in Nineteenth-Century New York City with Carla Peterson

Discussion of accepted “truths” from African American history, including the assumption that the “19th-century black American” means a slave and that “New York before the Civil War” was a place of freedom.

6:30 pm at the Tenement Museum
103 orchard street


playing hide and seek with sallie mae

a rather unusual way to deal with the post-graduation blues.  Pamela Olson reads from her new book Fast Times in Palestine

7 pm at the half king
505 west 23rd street (at 10th avenue)

mother russia

Sasha Rudensky’s photographs of her native country and a discussion of their documentation.

7:30 pm at pete’s candy store
709 lorimer street in brooklyn

Green Card Stories

“Green Card Stories” features the dramatic narratives of fifty immigrants to the U.S., uncovering their histories, hardships, and successes as they arrived from across the globe to work, love, study, invest, or escape persecution. The four contributors– journalist Saundra Amrhein, photographer Ariana Lindquist, and renowned immigration lawyers Laura Danielson and Stephen Yale-Loehr– come together for the first time since publication to discuss their work and the future of immigration in the U.S.

7 pm at bluestockings
172 allen street

The State of the Occupation Address

Join Dr. Benjamin Chavis, co-founder of Occupy the Dream; Allison Kilkenny, contributor for The Nation and co-host of Citizen Radio; Malik Rhasaan, co-founder of Occupy the Hood; Rachel Schragis, designer of the Flow Chart of the Declaration of the Occupation, Ryan Devereaux reporter for The Guardian by way of Democracy Now!; with Julie Gueraseva and Andy Stepanian of The Sparrow Project as they discuss where Occupy has taken us, where it can bring us, and what to expect in 2012.

7 pm at housing works bookstore
126 crosby street

this city ain’t what it used to be

an evening in the big apple proper brought to you by the folks from the observatory in brooklyn:
The Pornographic Arcades Project: Adaptation, Automation, and the Evolution of Times Square (1965-1975)

6 pm  at the cordelia cafe in manhattan, 29 cornelia street
$10 (includes a drink)

call me ishmael

who doesn’t love a big fish story?  talk and book launch for  The Sounding of the Whale, by D. Graham Burnett

5 to 7 pm at cabinet
300 nevins street (at union) in brooklyn

as above, so below

art opening for subway artist Enrico Miguel Thomas

7 pm at the city reliquary in brooklyn
370 Metropolitan Avenue

Revolution as an Eternal Dream

“Revolution as an Eternal Dream: The Exemplary Failure of the Madame Binh Graphics Collective” examines the political practice and visual propaganda of a now-obscure women’s anti-imperialist art collective, from the perspective of a founder. Based in New York City between 1975-1983, the MBGC produced beautiful multicolored silkscreened prints, note cards, banners, and print ephemera before withdrawing into the isolation of a sectarian and militaristic political line. Join author MarPatten in celebrating the release of this richly-illustrated book.

7 pm at bluestockings
172 allen street

a little bit like the view, but then not really at all…

“Talk Show IV: A Belated Christmas Special,” with David Levine, Eben Klemm, and guests
7 to 9 pm at cabinet
300 nevins street (at union) in brooklyn

use your words

free fiction writing class with anne-e wood

7:30 to 8:30 at book thug nation
100 north 3rd street (between berry and wythe) in brooklyn

guess who’s coming to dinner

a screening and discussion of the film Something New with sociologist Erica Chito-Childs

7 pm at the brooklyn historical society
128 pierrepont street at clinton street in brooklyn

the future of social security?

perhaps riding out your days in a retirement home is not such a bad idea after all?:
When elders in rural Japan reached age 70–or so an ancient legend would have it–their sons would carry them to the top of a holy mountain and leave them to die of exposure and starvation. Granny-dump mountain, or obasute-yama, was seen as a way to trim the population and make way for the next generation in cold mountain villages where food was short and winter was long. It is referenced by the obscure eleventh century diarist Lady Sarashina, master haiku poet Matsuo Basho and a 1983 Palme d’Or winning film, yet most anthropologists doubt the practice ever actually existed.

8 pm at the observatory
543 union street in brooklyn

it all happened so fast…

SMITH Magazine founding editor Larry Smith comes to Greenlight to present his new book, The Moment: Wild, Poignant, Life-Changing Stories from 125 Writers and Artists Famous & Obscure, a collection of personal stories from writers both famous and obscure revealing how a single instant changed their lives forever.  Some of the contributors to the collection will be joining Larry Smith.

7:30 at Greenlight Books
686 fulton street in brooklyn

keep fighting the good fight
This panel discussion features graphic design legend Milton Glaser and award winning designer/illustrator Mirko Ilic focusing on graphic design’s ability to convey how power is effectively used and distributed, and justice is fulfilled.
8 to 10 at the open center
22 east 30th street

my home is the sea

Panel and Book Launch / The Sea-Image, with Keller Easterling, Vyjayanthi Rao, Alex Villar, Guven Incirlioglu, and Hakan Topal
7 to 9 pm
Cabinet, 300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn
forward russia!
German filmmaker Cyril Tuschi examines Russian political power games in this sympathetic documentary portrait of the persecuted Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who ran afoul of the former Russian president Vladimir Putin. The former owner of Yukos petroleum company was imprisoned in 2003 on fraud and tax-evasion charges and remains in jail today.
7 to 9 pm at the dweck center in the brooklyn public library
10 grand army plaza
forward russia?
Tibet and the Occult
Prof. Znamenski details the zealous Bolshevik commissar Gleb Bokii’s and renowned occult writer Alexander Barchenko’s attempts to use Tibetan Buddhist wisdom to conjure a divine era of Communism by tapping into a power of mysterious Shambhala, a prophecy about a land of pure mystical bliss where inhabitants enjoyed god-like capabilities .
7 pm at the rubin museum of art
150 west 17th street

rudolph schmoodolph

photographs of Erika Larsen and a talk about real live reindeer and the scandinavian nomads who live amongst them

7:30 pm at the half king
505 west 23rd street at 10th avenue

you hear about that butterfly with a tattoo of a girl on its lower back?

the coolest nerds or the dorkiest hipsters?  join award-winning science journalist and new york academy of sciences regular Carl Zimmer for a talk on his latest book, Science Ink, which showcases over 300 tattoos dedicated to the pursuit of science.

7 to 8:30 pm at the new york academy of sciences
7 World Trade Center
250 Greenwich Street, 40th floor
The Faith of the Faithless
Two of today’s most prominent philosophers (Cornel West and Simon Critchley) discuss the resurgence of religious extremism in our times and the concept of faith in secular society.

7 pm at BAMcafe
30 lafayette avenue in brooklyn

Radical Resistance or Unwitting (Re)Enforcement of Stigma?

Join Nickerson Hill for a critical consideration of common language and points of argument used in debates regarding gender identity and the DSM– specifically in efforts to distance experiences/expressions of gender from other experiences currently described in the DSM. How might we still advocate for change without employing othering rhetoric that (re)enforces mental health stigma– stigma that is itself so bound within the sociopolitical enforcement of cultural norms?

7 pm at bluestockings
172 allen street
$5 suggested donation


you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Jesse Sheidlower, Editor at Large of the Oxford English Dictionary and author of The F-Word, knows his linguistic bombs. He’ll give us a look behind the scenes at the OED, explaining how, when, and why vulgarities get included, why most dictionaries think that it’s ungrammatical to [redacted] someone in the [redacted] with a [redacted], along with an overview of the f-bomb’s role in language from the sixteenth century to Jon Stewart. Fair warning: not for the easily offended

7 pm at word bookstore in brooklyn
126 franklin street

who’s the boss?

a night of harrowing revelations courtesy of the good people at the half king.

Michael Hastings reads from his new book:
The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan

505 west 23rd street in manhattan (at 10th avenue)

space is the place

a night of deep thoughts about space at the american museum of natural history
7:30 pm, $15

enter the dragon

bundle up and come out for the new year!

cultural festival from 11 to 3
firecracker ceremony at noon
sara d. roosevelt park in manhattan
chrystie street between houston and canal